Summertime Madness Book Tag!

So I wasn’t actually tagged to do this but, I thought it would be fun since the summer is coming to an end.

1. Show a book with a Summery cover!
Whenever I think of a book around summer, the same book comes to mind, We’ll Always Have Summer. The cover to this book is so poetic and reminds me of those relaxing beach days when all you do is lay in the sand. I also love the sundress she’s wearing and her hair blowing in the wind. Just that reminds me of summer it self because summer is the time when you let your hair go free and just slip on a comfy sundress.

2. Pick one fictional place that would be the perfect destination for your summer vacation!
I’m going to break the rules on this one because the place where I would spend my summer vacation is from a TV show. I would spend it in Storybrook, from the show Once Upon a Time. I think that would just be so awesome because you could spend the entire summer with all your favorite fairy tale characters also Emma and Henry of coarse. My personal favorites are Ariel and Cinderella.


3. You’re about to go on a flight to your Summer vacation. But you want to read a book that lasts for the whole flight so what novella do you choose?
I really think any book would be long enough for me because I’m a really slow reader. But, if I had to choose a novella it would be The Queen by Kiera Cass. I have read all of the Selection books and I’m really curious how Queen Amberly ended up being married to the monster that is Maxon’s father.


4. You have a case of Summertime sadness what happy book do you pick up to shine a smile on your face?
For this question I’m going to go with one of my favorite books, White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout. But, really any one of Armentrout’s books could put a smile on my face, her sense of humor is the funniest thing ever. This book itself is not really that funny because it is about a girl who doesn’t physically fit in with her family or feel like she fits in. But, the characters in this book are so funny it doesn’t matter what the situation they are in, they still manage to make me laugh.


5. You’re sitting at the beach all alone. Which fictional character would be your beach babe?
I’m going to break the rules again and choose a character from the TV show Teen Wolf. My beach babe would be Stiles because like Dylan O’Brien, do I need to say more? But Stiles would have me laughing the entire time and would make the beach day so much fun. Also, I think he could use a break from the pack.


6. To match your ice cream you want an icy cool sidekick. Which fictional sidekick do you pick?
For my sidekick I would totally choose Hermione Granger. Is there an explanation needed? She is from Harry Potter, obviously, but she is a kick ass witch and is smarter than any wizard her age. What’s there not to like? She is by far my favorite sidekick ever and probably always will be.





Book Talk: Obsidian (Lux Book #1) By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rate: 90%
Genre: YA SciFy

In Obsidian, the main character Katy just moved into the very small town of Ketterman, West Virginia. Her mother thought it was finally time to move on and stop living in the past, because her father died 3 years ago. When she moves in it is near the end of the summer so she doesn’t have to jump right into the beginning of her senior year.

“Crying didn’t change the past, and Dad would’ve  hated to know that I was still crying three years later.”

One of the things that I really loved about this book is that Katy is so relatable . She is a book lover and she blogs about books just like me. Also she just doesn’t let herself get pushed around, she sticks up for herself. She sure is no damsel in distress. Daemon is also one of my favorite characters in this book, because he is so snarky  and sexy. I love his sense of humor and how he knows that he affects Katy with his looks but he just goes with it.

“Not the kind of stomach I expected on a seventeen year-old, which I suspected he was, but yeah, I’m not complaining.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s writing is so easy to read and so easy to get into. In each book she writes, you still get that sense of humor that is in every character and has me laughing so much. I recommend this book to boys and girls of all ages, it is super funny and enjoyable whether you are 13 or 45.



Book Talk: Hopeless By: Colleen Hoover

Rate: 93%

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

In Hopeless, Sky is the main character and she is a really strong female lead. Sky is a 17 year old girl and she has been homeschooled by her mother her whole life. But, her senior year is coming and she wants to go to school with her best friend, Six. Her mom finally agrees to let her go to public school. Then Sky meets Holder, he is the only guy that makes her actually feel something in the pit of her stomach and not the numbing feeling she gets every time she is with another guy.

“I’ve never had any emotional connection to the guys I make out with.”

Sky was adopted when she was 5 years old and she can’t remember anything from when she was with her father. All she knows is that her father couldn’t take care of her anymore which is what Karen, her mother, told her. Later into the novel, Sky’s past is reveled and explains a lot of the problems she has and her fascination for the stars.

“I can’t say what is so different about him that would prompt my first-ever normal biological response to another person.”

The characters in this novel are so lovable. Holder is so hot its nice to think about how he looks;P Six is very snarky and lays the truth right out there, no holding back. Breckin is also one of Sky’s best friends and he is super funny with his plan to take over the school and brings Sky in on it on the first day he meets her. Sky is just super strong and you can tell right away that she doesn’t take anybody’s shit.

“His dream is to one day be a famous Broadway star, but he says he lacks the ability to sing or act, so he’s scaling his dream and applying to business school, instead.”

Colleen Hoover’s writing style is so captivating and catches your attention right away. Her writing is easy to read and it fly’s right by. Throughout the novel you will be laughing at one point and then crying the next. It definitely has a more deep, darker mood. This book is also only for older readers because there is some mature content that could be to graphic for some people.



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